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 Woodcutting Guide and firemaking guide!

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PostSubject: Woodcutting Guide and firemaking guide!   Sun May 03, 2009 10:50 am

Woodcutting guide

1. How to start?

To start you need an axe.

Go to the Yanille(The place were you started). Go to the bank, withdraw atleast 22 coins and go to the general shop and buy an axe from shop keeper.

Now teleport to Seers. Open your mage book at right corner and click on the second teleport.

2. How to train woodcutting?

1) Level 1-15 cut the normal trees.
2) Level 15-30 cut the Oak trees.
3) Level 30-45 cut the Willow trees.
4) Level 45-60 cut the Maple trees.
5) Level 60-75 cut the Yew trees.
6) Level 75-99 cut the Magic trees.

3. Tree Locations

Normal tree
Oak tree
WIllow Tree
Maple tree
Yew tree
Magic tree

4. Requirements, Experiences and Prices.

Normal tree Level 1 woodcutting. 50 xp per log. 50 gp
Oak tree - Level 15 woodcutting. 1000 xp per log. 500 gp
Willow tree - Level 30 woodcutting. 1000 xp per log. 1000-150 gp
Maple tree - Level 45 woodcutting. 2000 xp per log. 2000 gp
Yew tree - Level 60 woodcutting. 3500 xp per log. 3500 gp
Magic tree - Level 75 woodcutting. 5000 xp per log. 5000gp

5. What can I do with logs?

1)You can firemake your logs.
2)You can fletch your logs
3)You can sell your logs. Woodcutting is pretty good way to make cash.

6. Skill cape

If you achieve 99 woodcutting you can get the cape from "I Got SKill" for free.

Firemaking Guide
YOu can train Firemaking while training Wood cutting all you need is a tinderbox.
Put the tinderbox down at the bottom right of you inventory along with onelog of the type you are cutting.
Let your inventory fill up a little then just click the tinder box to the log next to it. keep doing that till you get the next level.

Thanks Kuzmin for the pictures above friend off dodian!
Log Requirements

Normal Log - Level 1 Firemaking

Oak Log - Level 15 Firemaking

Willow Log - Level 30 Firemaking

Maple Log - Level 45 Firemaking

Yew Log - Level 60 Firemaking

Magic Log - Level 75 Firemaking

Log Experience

Normal Log - 900 experience per burn

Oak Log - 6000 experience per burn

Willow Log - 900 experience per burn

Maple Log - 1350 experience per burn

Yew Log - 2020 experience per burn

Magic Log - 3030 experience per burn_______________
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Woodcutting Guide and firemaking guide!
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