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 Ultimate Boss Drop Guide

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PostSubject: Ultimate Boss Drop Guide   Wed May 06, 2009 1:48 pm

Bosses of unitedworlds Drop list

Ungadulu (Level 70)

Berserker Helm,
Mage book
Archer Ring
Warrior ring
Archer helm

Dad (Level 101)[needs atleast 70 combat]

Rune Full helm
Rune platebody
Rune platelegs
Rune scimitar
Rune Battleaxe
Rune Whip (u can see it only with client)
Red key
20 Jogre Bones (noted)

Ice Queen(Level ?)

Crystal Bow
Crystal Shield

King Crab (Level 23)

10 uncut diamonds (noted)
10 uncut onyxes (noted)
10 uncut emeralds (noted)
10 uncut rubys (noted)
10 uncut saphires (noted)

Kamil (Level 154)

White Helm
White platebody
White platelegs
White Kiteshield
White Scimitar

Nechryael (Level 115)

25 000 coins
Skeleton Plate
Skeleton legs
Abyssal whip

King Black Dragon (Level 450)

Dragon Full Helmet
Dragon Boots
Dark Bow
Dragon Defender
10 dragon bones (noted)

San Tojanlon (Level 106)[needs red key]

Legends cape
Dragon chainmail
Dragon scimitar
Dragon Battleaxe
Dragon Platelegs
Dragon Longsword
Dragon Plateskirt

Black Knight Titan (Level 106)[needs red and orange key]

Dragon 2h
Obby cape
Glory amulet
Dragon Whip (u can see it only with client)
Blue Key

General Graador (Level ?)[needs red,orange and blue key]

Godsword of Fury
Bandos Boots
Bandos Chest
Bandos Tassets

If u find a mistake post it and ill repair it.Im updateing guide every day!

Credits 20% I Got Skill for putting those monsters to game and 80% to me for makeing the guide
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Ultimate Boss Drop Guide
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